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Gem had pain, discomfort, and mobility issues from aging and CCL surgery. Kris, her pet parent, introduced Buddy Strips and told us:

"Gem’s been getting cold laser treatments, wearing stifle braces, she’s hypothyroid. She is now doing very well considering her current ailments.

The holistic vet just started her on cosaquin dm. That is what she gives her dog. She has been receiving adequate injections for 1.5 years for her spine and hip arthritis. This poor girl! Before her injury in March, she was enjoying her long walks. We haven’t allowed her to run in years, One zoom in the yard and her arthritis would hurt her so bad.

Today she did .72 of a mile after I gave her up to one half strip this morning. I rested it between her cheeks, that’s better than having her gobble it on food.

She is now completely off the Rimadyle and is doing much better on Buddy Strips! I have hope again! Thanks!"


Phoebe, a senior dog, had several issues: dementia, hip dysplasia, appetite, and incontinence. After introducing Buddy Strips Susan, Phoebe's pet parent said:

"I started using Buddy Strips about 6 months ago to help my senior dog Phoebe with her dementia related anxiety at night. She would pace and pant at night for hours before she would finally settle around 1 or 2 in the morning. I would need to sit up with her until she fell asleep because if she appeared to settle and I moved, she would get up and start panting and pacing all over again. I started her on 2.5 mg, which is a quarter of a Buddy Strip and noticed an improvement within a few days. She went from hours of agitation to settling down in about 45 minutes to an hour. When she started suffering from hind end failure a month ago, I upped her dose to 5 mg or half of a Buddy Strip. She had begun losing control of her elimination system and stumbling and falling quite a bit on her walks. She has begum to regain a bit of control over her potty function and seems to have more ease in getting up and down. Her appetite is also better. She has had no adverse side effects from using the strips. I lay half the strip on top of her favorite cookie and she takes it right away. I would definitely recommend Buddy Strips to anyone for their dog! Phoebe is almost completely back to her old self and feeling 90% better! Yay!"


Polly suffered from leg pain and mobility issues. Gretchen, Polly's pet parent introduced Buddy Strips and was thrilled to share:

"Hi! After the 3rd dose at 7.5 mg, the following morning it was like someone flipped a switch! She was obviously in less discomfort, had a happier attitude, eyes brighter, tail wagging, gait has slightly improved and no diarrhea!

She still doesn’t get drowsy, so after she’s at 7.5 mg for a week, I may try 10 to reach saturation, then back down again. She still has a lot of healing to do, but it’s so heartening to see her in less pain!

I’m thrilled that Polly is able to take it with not diarrhea. When new people join the FB dog group and start asking about CBD oil, I always chime in and mention Buddy Strips and all the reasons I like the brand!"


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