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Are Nature Strips legal?

 Yes, Nature Strips are legal. The American grown organic hemp we use in our products is put through a purification process and turned into high quality isolate that is free of THC.

What is the difference between Nature Strips and other products on the market that contain hemp extract?

 It seems like everyone is talking about hemp extract these days. It can be daunting to sort through all of the options. Nature Strips are unlike any product on the market.

  1. Nature Strips are dissolved sublingually, under the tongue. This is the fastest-acting method to experiencing and enjoying the benefits of hemp isolate because it is absorbed in the bloodstream.  Other edible products such as gummies, mints, chocolates, capsules, oils, etc. must go through your digestive system and as it passes through each stage of digestion the potency is lost and changed.

  2. Nature Strips mixes hemp isolate into the plant-based gelatinous film. This ensures consistency and potency.  Other products and brand names spray hemp extract onto their products. There are causes for concern in that it lacks consistency, efficiency, and reliability. The hemp isolate can stick to the packaging and rub off of the product when handling.

  3. Nature Strips use dry isolate to infuse products. It is more expensive, but this high-quality isolate is superior to other products on the market and allows for more accurate, uniform dosing.

  4. We use isolate from the only manufacturer and wholesaler of CBD in the world that is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is an International recognized quality management system that is focused on ensuring businesses deliver consistent quality to their clients.

How do you determine dosing?

As mentioned previously our hemp extract is infused right into the strip through a unique process. Independent lab tests have shown the isolate is dispersed evenly throughout the strip and maintains a consistent 10 milligrams per strip. We test each batch. Since Nature Strips have uniform distribution of hemp extract throughout the entire strip you can cut them in half to get 5 mg of hemp extract or in quarters to get 2.5 mg of hemp extract.

(Note: Our Male Enhancement CBD Strip has 5 milligrams per strip)

Do Nature Strips contain animal products?

No, Nature Strips are Vegan and Kosher.

How do you use Nature Strips?

It's easy! They are akin to a breath strip in that they easily and quickly dissolve under your tongue. Once in your mouth the strip starts to dissolve almost instantaneously and the hemp extract is quickly delivered via the mucous membranes into the capillaries under your tongue and directly into the bloodstream. Refrain from eating or drinking for about 10 minutes after a Nature Strip is ingested.

What is the shelf life of Nature Strips?

Nature Strips have been tested and found to retain their 99% purity up to 2 years.

I have digestive discomfort and issues with hemp extract and other hemp products, will I have the same issue with Nature Strips?

While we cannot promise anything, clients purchase our products because they do not cause discomfort or digestive issues.

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